The Angora Bell is discovered in the Giza Plateau, a device of unknown origin . . . The first team of volunteers arrive at Bryn Mawr Manor. It is 1943 and the Angora Bell has been delivered to Dr. Rolf Dyer, a German physicist who escaped the Nazi regime. Please join us by signing up for more exciting posts on this pre-viz movie project . . . using iClone 8!

The Bell Dimension: A Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies

Sargent Tim Gipson is a hard ass, if there ever was one. His is so tight with his money, he wonders why he has no friends. In fact, I’ve never seen him buy anyone a beer, ever. Yeah, he jokes around like everyone else, but there is something odd about someone who never buys a friend a drink. I mean, what’s a few dollars between friends, but this fool is nothing but a fool, but that’s my opinion.

The one hundred thousand dollars was the offer he could not refuse when he balks at the Army’s first offer of sending him to Hawaii afterwards. Yeah, like he’d take that with no compensation, really? So, when General Evans visits him at his home with this offer, how could he refuse. The details at this point didn’t matter so much now as he was dreaming of the future of living a grand life in Hawaii. A nice bungalow on the beach, now that would be the life.

General John Evans is an American Army man through and through. He is willing to do what it takes to get the job down no matter the circumstances and will follow orders to the letter. This mission, hopefully his last, will require him to be at his best since his briefing by Admiral Alan Ellis was a bit lacking in detail. That’s probably because he doesn’t know any more than anyone else for that matter.

He can see himself, finally spending time with his wife of 28 years, Yvonne, his childhood sweetheart, which he can’t seem to believe. The ideal place would be a tiny farm in the countryside of France, somewhere in the Dordogne region near the Château-Leveque that’s roughly half-way between the Loire Valley and the Pyrenees.

Kerr Oosaka is a Siankee changeling, and a spy. A rather old race of humanoid from a distant sector of the Proxima sector where nebulas and quasars emit constant frequent emissions of light that are absorbed by these beings. This allows them to change into practically anything they can think of.

They have been known to overtake a society and become rulers with years of taking power. Or, in other words, slave owners who return a civil society into a feudal society of constant fighting and devastation. Some societies welcome them without realizing what is coming. What they don’t tell you is that they prefer to eat almost any kind of creature that is vulnerable.

Iratim Godnick was actually on her way to prison for killing her neighbor in a dispute that had lasted for years according to Mrs. Blanche De Varro on Ealing Street, West. It was the usual yelling and screaming between the two when they arrived home every day from work. The parking was very tight in a narrow parkway, but this time it went over-the-top.

John Milgrew was on his way home when he noticed Iratim running inside as he passed by her home. A clumsy driver, he clips her side-view mirror. It falls shattering on the ground. Iratim runs out intuitively and grabs John by the collar, yelling and screaming. This time she was so pissed off, he couldn’t stop her no matter what.

Before she knew it, he was dead, bleeding on the pavement. The cops came in a hurry, but it all became a blur to her as his wife beat on her, crying and sobbing. Stunned, she didn’t know what happened, until she woke up inside the prison cell, hours later.

The judge gave her two options: go to prison for life or sign up for this military experiment and be released afterwards, if you survive. Not much of a choice, she reckons.

Commander James Arnot, or Jxioxirlfxailxpiexluyiz, a Prol, from the Sagittarius sector on the desert planet of Strat. A desolate, dry and windy place that’s very cold and dark. It’s amazing that any kind of life form took hold here, but it did. Of course, it was helped by various entities through millions of years of fighting for control of this strategic outpost.

As a spy from another world, he has successful infiltrated these puny humans who know nothing about what is really going on outside of their blue world. The amount of surgical work required to look human was extensive, but he enjoyed the agonizing pain that lingered. In fact, he relished it and was sad to see it leave his body. You see, a Prol is made to endure pain, and that could mean a self-amputation in a fight, if need be. As a soldier, he must be willing to continue the mission until he can no longer move or breath, for that matter.

Dr. Mary Smythe is an unassuming woman of 35 years, highly intelligent, articulate, and very beautiful. A biologist, who specializes in the field of neurophysiology, volunteering purely for the scientific aspect of this project, not because she is a lonely, stoic, black-hearted woman with absolutely no sense of compassion.

Of course, losing her husband to another woman would turn any woman into a shrew and that’s exactly what happened. She was never home but working on her next experiment thinking that she would be the first woman to discover, she didn’t know what, but something big, that’s all. It occurred to her that his secretary, what was her name, a Ms. Reese, or something like that, a dizzy blonde is all she could remember. How could any man be interested in that silly creature, I mean, she had no sense at all and laughed at all of his jokes. Oops, perhaps that was it, he was just too boring for her.

Now back to the bell, a device that can radically and physically change an organism intrigued her beyond comprehension. Just six months ago, she was invited to the lab and witnesses a frog morph into another creature within seconds of being exposed to the bell. Of course, it did not live longer than a day afterwards. The fact it became another living creature within seconds of exposure is what she found so exciting. As she ponders the process, it would have taken Mother Nature millions of years to do the same, but then she wonders if that’s really true or just accepted rhetoric?

Dr. Dyer laughed at her joke about boring people with no brains between their ears since you can see the light if you look at just the right angle. His twinkling eyes made her heart palpitate for a moment as a warm flush made her giddier than normal. She did smile at him later and he return her smile. Once she’s back from this experiment, she’ll have to see if he’s really interested in her or not.

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W.O.T.™ (Waves of Time)

This is a character from the edge of the known universe who can transcend time and dimensions by consuming vast quantities of quasars and nebulas. WOT can then be instructed to use this time changing power for others who may try to control him, if him is what you call it. He is easily swayed to do your bidding by providing him with a fleshy donation where he will suck the life-essence out of the victim through their brain as he consumes, or I should say, “absorbs” the flesh which dissolves into a gelatinous goo that goes down smoothly.

W.O.T.™ (Waves of Time)

Superior Corsic, Prol

A race of reptilian humanoid creatures that will eat you if you let them.

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