The Angora Bell is discovered in the Giza Plateau, a device of unknown origin . . . The first team of volunteers arrive at Bryn Mawr Manor. It is 1943 and the Angora Bell has been delivered to Dr. Rolf Dyer, a German physicist who escaped the Nazi regime. Please join us by signing up for more exciting posts on this pre-viz movie project . . . using iClone 8!

The Bell Dimension: A Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies

After reworking Episode 2, I’ve realized its the Motion Director that is causing me hell, to say the least. I’m not sure why it is doing this, but I believe it is tied to whether or not the character(s) in a scene have the MD applied to it.

I realize this program plugin is not working correctly or I am going about it the wrong way. By not working, I mean, that when I select a character, MD does not always recognize if is male or female, so if this is not done at first, it seems to affect animations later on. The software should recognize that no MD has been applied yet and offer to add that before you continue.

Another aspect of this program I really don’t care for, is the fact that you must hit Record with just the single character selected in the MD window. The default apparently selects all characters in the scene and then applies that motion to them all. This is probably not what you wanted as it messes up everything when all your characters start moving about with the same motion. To remedy this, make sure to check the box for the character you are going to Record is selected. Hit record for just that character adding motion. Once satisfied with that application, hit the Save Disk Icon to keep it.

Unable to fix my redo, I reloaded the original scene I did in July 2022. I believe I was having video card issues when this kept crashing. Now, low and behold, the freaking scene rendered without a hitch, so that makes me suspect that I was overly tired, I was too peeved to think clearly, or it was user error (;0).

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