The Angora Bell is discovered in the Giza Plateau, a device of unknown origin . . . The first team of volunteers arrive at Bryn Mawr Manor. It is 1943 and the Angora Bell has been delivered to Dr. Rolf Dyer, a German physicist who escaped the Nazi regime. Please join us by signing up for more exciting posts on this pre-viz movie project . . . using iClone 8!

The Bell Dimension: A Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies

There’s an update to iC8 (8.12) and CC4 (4.12).

A very aggravating day as I’m working on Part 2, first scene with 7 characters and a minimal background. I kept crashing on one particular character that I sent back to CC4 to figure out why the Expressions were not working.

I was able to apply Expressions in CC4 with no problem, so I sent it back to iC8, and nothing. I also “baked” the motion rather than not have it applied, but that created another problem by destroying the Viseme wave file leaving only phonemes. Rendering that crashes iC8 since there is no wave file. I am in the midst of fixing this now.

I also “hide” the characters not in a particular segment using Switch to control camera views. Rendering half of the 4378 frames in 4K can grow considerably during render where you will crash if you don’t have enough memory.


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