I have recently updated: Windows, 2 Nvidia (Broadcast & 3060) updates, and finally, iClone 8s.

I go to render a scene I had just rendered earlier in the morning, but only partially as I was having problems with the 4k video “freezing” near the end of the scene. Every time I tried again the same thing kept happening. These are the kind of delays that can frustrate you every time.

A work around solution is to load one of iC8s Project files, AutoExposure, for example. I checked to make sure I was getting 4k output and it was working. Hmmm. Apparently, the scene file I was getting “black” output had an issue, so rather than waste any more time on that scene, I created a master prop from the old scene and then applied that prop to the AutoExposure scene deleting the existing props.

I successfully rendered the scene in 4k without a hitch.

. . . ed

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