After party . . .

The movie Preview was well received. There were problems with the damn DVD player, which quickly skipped through several Desperately CRAZY for You! (DC4U) slides from the storyboard. The facility did not have wireless TV like I do in my studio, so that’s a note to keep in mind the next time I present.

There were three of us presenting our stuff, but it was the mariachi band that made the show. I was quite surprised by the quality of the violin playing and one of the guys who sang exceptionally well.

Although a bit chaotic with video being shot, I read two pages from the DC4U script that drew a few laughs, so that was good. I do have a knack for vivid character descriptions.

The teacher dedication was interesting as most people thought it would be too nerve racking to teach children violin, but these two were an exceptional husband & wife team exuding patience.

I’m using Clip Studio Paint to refine the storyboard as it offers easy perspective and 3D models I can pose without a problem. A few pics will appear after they’ve been reviewed.

0606 . . . ds

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