Live actor inside Unreal 5 . . .

Here’s a cell phone video (sorry, quality sucks!) of me using my webcam to see if the green screen compositing is working. Although I was getting camera feed inside the 3D scene, I kept getting errors that the webcam was not being recognized by Unreal 5. This was a scene I converted from 4.27. It was very finicky trying to get the signal to stay, but once it worked, it was fine. The next day, I had to start over as the webcam was taken over by Unreal.

This is probably due to the fact the I was trying to use my RTX 3060 12Gb as the recording/capture device using Nvidia Broadcast. It worked okay, but after a whole day of losing the video signal, rebooting, etc., I broke down an ordered an Elgato 4k that’s expected this Saturday.

It’s starting to come together . . . thank goodness!

1404 . . . d

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