PREVIEW is done!!!

Took long enough, I know. It is below and on home page.

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QR Codes: I sold a few P.I.Y.™ Canvas at the Festival of Books and ran into a problem with the first purchase on ApplePay not going through. Customer bought 2 canvas and paid cash, thank goodness. I had not assigned a “Ship Free” to the product and this is where it failed.

I updated that problem as soon as I was back home. Sunday, 1 canvas sold without a hitch through on Android. That felt great that it was successful and all I had to do was wait. I checked my checking and the amount went through! Yeah!

I gave out over 50 Story Starters™, Desperately CRAZY for You! (D.C.4.U) and the Bell Dimension Deux (tBdD) samples. It was very exciting to be outside and it was well attended.

Here’s a pic of me:

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