QR Codes for buying stuff on cellphone . . .

I have created a PDF for the Festival of Books in order to facilitate customers purchasing comics or canvas. I can just email or snail mail a print out. They take out their phone and using a QR Code Reader/Scanner app, they scan the product(s) they wish to purchase without me having to get involved during a show.

Each QR code will add that particular product to the customer’s shopping cart. Realize that you can only add 1 product to a cart. It is a pain, but I created “group” QR Code, for all the PDFs, all 9 Comics, and all 9 Comic CBZ to get around that problem. It’s not a perfect solution. I also added custom shipping and free shipping options depending on what they purchase. I also added a $5 off coupon on the total amount over $70 due to expensive shipping costs.

My Buy Stuff page has been updated with these 2 images and it has eliminated a bunch of crap that I don’t need. I used Squareup.com to accomplish this feat of brilliance! (Ha!) You pay transaction fees, but no monthly costs, so if you don’t sell, it costs you NOTHING!

Comics for sale using QR Codes. Try it out with your cell phone using QR Code Reader/Scanner app. Zoom to see larger QR Code in browser window.
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