Green Screen to Live Link . . .

So I spent the last week looking into Green Screen like I’ve never delved into it before. I did have success, but I forgot the motto “no shadows”. I was extremely happy I could render out HD images (4k just choked my PC) and apply them to a plane inside Unreal 4.

I tried using UN4 dungeon and the plane was horribly lit even though I added a light next to the plane. I was getting a reflection, so I moved it around several places, but it just looked “too fake”. The images were green-screen generated within iClone 7 using Alejandro. As I said before, the 4k Iray images were 12.3Mb each and Unreal was unable to digest and play them, so I went back to HD instead.

That worked fine until I added a moving animation behind this plane. That’s when the shadows poked through and I could see the moving machinery behind the character. Back to the drawing board.

Next, I tried using Alejandro with Live Link and I’ve had great success in getting the character to animate within the dungeon scene. Yes, its not perfect, but it shows that it looks fabulous! Lip sync was done using Acculips and looks a bit slow, but matches up quite nicely.

The best part is that there was no rendering other than exporting the movie from UE4. I used Shotcut to reduce it down to a mere 888k mp4! What? Yes, indeed folks! So, I continue.

Here’s the screen capture:

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