Metahuman movement . . .

I’ve been hard at work trying to determine if I should use Unreal’s Metahumans for pre-viz production. Of course, any new software platform is going to need dedication in order for it to be useful, and I believe the following link shows you progress is being made in this direction. I have crashed many time, kinda of like in iClone 7, but not knowing diddly about a game engine as a production environment, success is being achieved. The next step is facial animation with audio output.

Jackie and Sadhil

Here are some other tests I’ve done. One is green screen of a character walking in iClone 7 and it casts shadows (Wow!) in Unreal. The other is using an ActorCore character from same, but using LiveLink for voice over audio (Impressive!) into Unreal.

iClone 7 render on green screen as PNG sequence at 30 fps
iClone 7 to Unreal using LiveLink

0902 . . . ds

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