Comics are almost here!

My comic is should be here any day as I just posted an online synopsis on so you can order through them. There are actually 9 issues as 2 of the issues are broken down into two parts.

I tried Shift4S**p to see about having a company that just charges 2.9% for the sales of the item plus $.30 and I thought this was a great way to have a working shop. First day, I was of having problems setting this up, from password is incorrect, when I had just logged in, to the store is unavailable. The tech support was able to fix it and I spent all day yesterday adding my comic and everything looked great when I logged out. Today, when I went to log in, it said the shop was unavailable. I started a chat session, in fact the same guy from yesterday, and he said I’d have to reset password. What? This is B.S. so I bailed on them.

I also incorporated to Cinemachine LLC so I could protect my property rights. I’m doing this as I submitted 2 stories to various Hollywood firms and low and behold, 2 of my items in my story, were grabbed out from under me. The summer before, I attended a mystery writers group in Tucson and the speaker was a lady who sued 2 guys who had “acquired” her story, so she wanted compensation for it. The judge ruled the 2 guys had changed the story enough, that it was no longer hers! What? As an LLC corporation, I can protect what I have written. Period.

Here’s a page from Issue #1:

1611 . . . ds

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