The Bell Dimension Deux Comic Book is out!

The Bell Dimension Deux Comic Book is out!

The picture in the previous post was my first attempt at turning my iClone movie into a comic book. Although I was happy with the color print, I was extremely disappointed with the grayscale version as there were too many dark images that made the publication useless.

However, I had used different looking characters, this being the 3rd, 4th, . . . I don’t remember anymore, but they’re the new Human Anatomy characters and I’ve very happy with the better realistic look. The AccuLips is a tremendous help too!

So I started looking for an easy to use Comic Book maker and I found ComicLife 3 and what a blessing I must say. Not only was I able to knock it out in a day for Part I, and then about half a day for Part II.

My first comic color print used a complete animated composite of all the scenes, each being rendered individually at 1 fps per second rather than using the default 30 fps. This kept the frame count down. If I had left the default 30fps, it would result in way too many images and it would become a nightmare to handle.

My second comic color images came directly from ShotCut after I had each part of the movie ready to go. I exported those images from the TimeLine at 1fps. This required that I create a 1fps Project file, choosing BMP as the output format.

This approach worked much better and I now have an ePub online for sale at two retailers: PayHip and Lulu Bookstore. I’ve baled on a print edition until I get enough sales.

This primary tools used with Reallusion’s iClone 7 and Character Creator 3. Two fabulous pieces of software that can’t be matched.

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