Power Boost for SSD . . . in newly released iClone 7 update!

The Bell Dimension Copyright DAVID J SOTO All Rights Reserved. KERR Alistair Cheap Punk 100-360 fr 135 PNG
The Bell Dimension Copyright DAVID J SOTO All Rights Reserved.

I recently bought the $229 SkinGen plugin for iClone 7 and I am honestly blown away. The quality of the iRay render literally flew through the frames, faster than ever before, but I digress.

The video link, after being processed through ShotCut, dropped down from 23.2 Mb to 5.1Mb, at 1920 x 1080 with voice over and soundtrack. It is only just a PREVIEW as the settings for iRay were 100/360, instead of 1000/3600. The quality of the output is very good considering the quality level was not lowered and left at 8. The background is a 2D plane of a desert render I did ages ago. I also started with the default Sun and Sky for iRay and then added the 2D background. I added no other lights, nor did I move anything but I did add a camera.

Concerning the SSD implementation, I went through the suggestion provided by a Reallusion tutorial. I believe I accidently tried doing this step, but I did not see system throughput gains until I changed course. When I inserted a 32Gb SSD into my PC, which is perfect for the system (see pic). I did a reformat as it came from a GoPro and selected the “ReadyBoost” option which shows just a bit more added than recommended.

I did a reboot and started processing the first character as shown in the video. Once I applied motion and a voice over I did, I started the iRay render and it was done in 3 hours or so. Amazing! I also did a 4K of the character and I’ve only just started!

Too awesome for words!
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