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I’ve posted 4 PREVIEWS on Vimeo that show the progress made in creating “The Bell Dimension”.

Of course, creating these “mini” movies started several years ago as I was learning how to use iClone 2 and let me tell you I do not know how many times I crashed my PC and the only saving grace was the little “Crash” file iClone would save for you.

A lot of the 3D models I used for creating these Previews came from the 3D Warehouse with tons of SketchUp files that I would convert using 3DXChange which did not always work out as planned. I’m not a 3D modeler and if the model did not work or I could not figure out a way to use it without it looking like a piece of junk, I dumped it.

As a creative artist, the feedback I have received from friends and others has been absolutely positive. Yes, it may not look “perfect” in the MAYA sense, but it is coming together nicely now that I’m turning my attention to using chroma key in order to get real actors inside my movie.

I have avoided buying the HeadShot plugin as the amount of work to create a “realistic” human is there, but the long hours of “modeling” that creature could be better spent laying out the movie to see what does and does not work.

Here’s the link to the some examples:



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