Incredibly easy Lip Sync in CTA 4!

I was just messing about with CTA 4 to create a morph-based character from an image. The pins on the first attempt did not control the movement as much as I want it to and, in fact, made it look stupid, frankly. Three Bones were created for the image: chest, neck and head, but they did not seem to be working correctly when I applied a “blink” animation. Of course I ignored the warning that this motion “might” cause unexpected results, which it did.

So I decided not to “bone” the image and I only processed the image using only the eyes and mouth defaults. I did nothing else other than render the still at 4k with IRay. I checked “Transparency” box rendering through CC3 to save out a 4K PNG image file.

In CTA 4, I added background, a wall with transparent windows, and the 2D morph-based character. I imported a WAV file for the audio. I rendered it out from CTA 4 as an MP4 HD that was around 6.56Mb which I thought was not too bad.

I then used ShotCut to add my “beeflowerpower” logo. To my delight, the talking animation MP4 dropped to 176k! WHAT? That’s right folks! A talking image that was so easy to create, i.e., it’s lacking emotional expressions, but it proves you can use 3D to generate a respectable 2D animation from CT4 in no time at all.

0309 . . . ds Update 1211 . . . ds

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