CC3 to Blender . . . to Cartoon Animator 4

I tried importing a few Character Creator 3 FBX characters into Blender 2.8. First, the hair from Zane stood out and you could instantly tell there was a problem. The next character is the default model in CC3 that decided to leave it’s eyeballs behind as it walked from the same BVH as I used on Zane. Not one to give up, I exported a custom character I created for my film and although the skin on the head was fine, the hands, arms, legs and feet were semi transparent. Huh? Perplexed, I did throw in-the-towel.

Not sure this is going to work as I’m trying to simplify and therefore I need to re-evaluate the direction I want to head in. 3D is requiring more and more time and I seem to be getting nowhere as far as production goes. 2D is sure looking more and more tempting, so perhaps what I thought was ready to use, Blender 2.8, is perhaps not quite there, yet.

In that vain, I d/l Reallusion’s Cartoon Animator 4 and will be looking into what it offers. It helps that I do silly voices anyhow and perhaps there is something to this program I never considered before.

2608 . . . ds

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